Saturday , January 16 2021


Fikcyjny Region 1:1 v0.1 BETA

Sponsored links English: Map of Poland in the scale of 1: 1 focusing (so far) on the area of ​​the Kalisz poviat. WARNING! Holes may appear in some places on the map. They will be patched in version 0.1. The map is 90 percent complete. To play on the map, …

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– Free map with 200 cities of North Brazil according to updated project; – Improvements and optimization in all existing cities; – 81 bus station with passengers incluse – 03 giant weight for inspection of player load and traffic. – Extreme road optimization and landscaping for fps gain; – Improvements …

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Ets2 Mod Fikcyjny Region 1:1 v0.11 BETA

English: Map of Poland in the scale of 1: 1, focusing (for now) on the area of ​​the Kalisz poviat. Version v0.11 BETA: – some bugs fixed, including holes. – no orders to Witoldów, Kamień, Morawin and Michałów. – temporary liquidation of the portal to Bydgoszcz. Markings are missing in …

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SVK MAP by KimiSlimi V.26 – 1.37

Sponsored links WHAT IS NEW IN V.26 – DEMO? + Added 1 New City (Žilina) + Reworked 2 Cities (Nitra, Ružomberok) + Added new road from Prievidza to Zvolen + Replaced some old roads textures in Slovakia, because of modernisation traffic WHAT IS NEW IN V.26 – FULL? + Added …

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Slovakia Map by kapo944 v 6.2.9 1.37

Sponsored links We released new version of the map for all three groups (free, donate, VIP). The map is for game version 1.37 because 1.38 is still in Beta. Change log Donate ver: new city Tvrdošín new rebuilded Trstená some details added to Považská Bystrica road R1 to Nitra opened …

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