Sunday , September 20 2020

Ets2 Kamaz 65207 with Trailer by Nikola

Ets2 Kamaz 65207 with Trailer by Nikola

Standalone truck find in Mercedes dealer.

-1 cabin;
-1 6×4 chassis;
-own interior with interior light;
-own dashboard computer with CB-radio player;
-own wheels;
-paintable with metallic colors, scinnamble;
-template & skin-pack included;
-own original Engine Voice Records sounds;
-3 axle grain trailer with Dolly 3D-model V.Rusakov;
-own flarepack;
-support advanced coupling and has own animated trailer cables;

Game version 1.36.xx Clear log without errors & bugs!
SISL’s Pack compatibility add-on included.

Mod prodused Nikola_Donbass with official permission author 3D-model NEO Max Dmitriev! Great thanks!

If you wont share this mod in other website save authors link please!

Good game!!! 🙂

Nikola_Donbass, Max Dmitriev, Valeriy Rusakov, jon-ruda(animation)



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