Monday , September 28 2020

Hino RM2 Bus v1.0

**Please do not re upload the download link.use my link**
Good Evening ! It’s been a long time since I uploaded my last mod. So here is another upload. It is the last mod I have done for ETS2 community.
In the mean time ,I have been working with TruckersMP as a 3D model artist only in Add-on team.This mod was done actually few months ago. But I am uploading lately.

Version Supported: 1.36-1.37
Dealer: Mercedez Beenz
Hope you will enjoy.You can make skins on it. One skin at a time and you have to keep it above the main bus file. And UV templates with Explainations are there.

If you need any help or question feel free to reach me. or you can find me in TruckersMP “mdshahid6540”.

Md Shahid Ahammed & Fahim Auvro and
Thanks to RS Iqbal for sponsoring us and to keep the inspiration.


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